I am an experienced psychotherapist serving the Brooklyn and Queens community for over 30 years. I work with adults and couples with anger, depression, personal and relationship issues.

I have worked for many employee assistance programs and insurance companies: offering consultation and training to individuals and small groups. I invite you to consider whether my skills and experience would be of value in moving on from a difficult or unsatisfying time in your personal or work life. Our agency has two male and two female therapists with over 30 years of experience.

Depression Counseling Therapist

In depression counseling, I immediately look for what is missing in your life, if you could get, would lesson or stop the depression. and educate that person on many ways to get them including making relationships with 100% closeness while most people feel this is impossible.

Low Self-Esteem

For people with low self-esteem, I explain immediately that you are conditioned to judge self value on an appearance which is not you but a biological product of the combination of them in a random gene pool and the robotic jobs and sports people judge themselves by are not the true value or content of one's self.

Individual/Alcohol Counseling Services in Ozone Park

In substance abuse or alcohol counseling, I make the person right away realize thinking one can control addiction or use of addictive substances is a contradiction because addiction prevents self-control by definition.

Music Therapy

As part of my therapy, I play music that enhances our sessions and brings the music's psychological meaning into our consultation. So what is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy uses music within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, psychological, cognitive, and social needs of clients. In this, I first assess your strengths and needs and then provide the indicated treatment including creating, singing, moving to, and/or listening to music. Music therapy also provides avenues for communication that can be helpful if you find it difficult to express yourself in words.

Note that music therapy is not the same as bedside music. Research in the music therapy supports its effectiveness in many areas including providing emotional support for clients and your families, and providing an outlet for the expression of feelings.

music therapy

Im my music therapy I include:

  • Fripp Solo Midi guitar
  • Oregon
  • Jan Garbarek
  • Roches
  • John Zorn
  • Stockhausen
  • Kagel-Movies by Lynch
  • Hartley
  • Altman
  • Nicholas Roeg
  • Solondz
  • Jarmusch (creates alternative deep dream worlds)
  • Transcendental Meditation (I am trained in this)
  • Teaching improvisation on musical keyboard

The playing of the music and films is to see thru the illusion of conditioned and normal reality to see yourself and the world objectively and then you can be your own therapist.

To learn more about how music therapy can help in family counseling and Therapy in Ozone park give us a call at (631) 339-2363

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