Marriage Counseling

Marriages are made in Heaven and are a union of two souls that promise to support and love each other through thick and thin. However, some marriages don’t work due to many reasons and the differences between the couple start augmenting. Marriage counseling and therapy can help these couples that can bring out a major difference in the relationships and sort out the difference of opinion through the sessions. These couples may require a highly qualified psychologist or therapist for the counseling that can help them step by step in sorting out the problems and differences to revive the marriage. Marriage counselors can help in understanding each other in a better manner and once you start getting the therapy, you will see that all the problems are dissolved like a pouf of thin air and you will feel closer to your spouse again.

Why do the differences arise?

If the couple has communication problems with the spouse or one of them has issues with quick anger, then the differences may arise between them. Other issues that rip the relationship are depression issues; doubt that the partner has an affair, work problems, financial problems or other issues. Marriage counselors are quite experienced to sense the problems between couple within a single sitting and during the next meeting can start the counseling. Due to differences between couples, children are the ones that suffer the most, but through Marital Counseling, couples can learn how to build a better relationship and add spark to the dying relationship. Differences are mostly due to very small reasons, which during the counseling are adhered to and taken care of.

Marriage counseling counselor can help in various struggles between couples

Whether the couples are struggling with anger management, communication differences, conflicts, anxiety, parenting issues, intimacy problems or co-parenting, marriage counseling helps in prevention of divorce, and recovery of divorce through blended family counseling, trust issues or many more types of therapies. Marriage counseling is done through numerous types of approaches like individual Counseling, Family Counseling, couple counseling by psychotherapists. There are several sensitive issues that are needed to be dealt with and they cannot be resolved through family or friends. Many times the situations get worst and here is when professional therapists can help resolve the challenges in a relationship. The struggles are endless but Marriage counselors can help you gain the missing love and trust that is required for a successful relationship.

It’s finally time for the change

If you have chosen to visit a marriage counselor then we know that you are ready to change and this may be exhausting for you or your spouse. However, to avoid the divorce, marriage counseling can work wonders in the relationship. With this therapy, you will get insight into your relationship even with your first consultation. Harris Flug at Woodrich Consultation Center will pull you both out of the mess you are into. You will need to take the responsibility of your share in marital problems and look for effective solutions as an individual or as a couple. This means that you will do things differently as done in the past.

Marriage Counseling and Therapy

Here are some specific situations where clients have come to us for help and how we have helped them.
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Is my husband cheating on me?

Very often we get community referrals from Ozone Park, Queens where couples have serious issues of trust in a marriage relationship.

These situations range have included:

  • My husband talks to other women on the phone
  • My husband is sexually attracted to another woman
  • My husband is having a sexual relationship with another woman
  • My husband has cheated on me, how can I ever trust him ever again?

In most situations the husband and wife want to be together but have issues of trust. In some situations these issues may be small misunderstandings that can lead to jealousy. In other instances, I have been able to help resolve extreme situations where the husband had a history of over 10 extra-marital affairs.

These are sensitive and important issues. However, these are not issues that your friends can help you resolve. Some of them, while with the best intensions, can make the situation worse. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you need a certified therapy professional to help you effectively resolve these challenges. These trust issues have a tendency of building upon them and lead to undesirable outcomes


If you find yourself in a situation where you are missing the love and trust needed to build a successful marriage, my approach is to help you address this together as a couple.

Let us take the example where my client's husband would talk to a woman friend on the phone that led to mistrust. I would first help the husband first realize the importance of the issue to his wife. Then I would help him articulate what the women that he talks to on the phone means to him and how that is very different than what his wife means to him. He would then share in specific detail that he realizes, with specific examples, how this hurts his wife and how he will change his behavior going forward. This has to be done

In another situation, where the husband has had an affair with another women. If all the husband says, "I am sorry and I will never do this again" it does not address the pain the wife has felt. In our therapy sessions he will realize that what he has done has caused extreme anguish to the wife. After he realizes the harm he has caused, I then help him with specific solutions that will first prevent him from going down that path ever again. More importantly, I set him on a path that helps him gain the trust back, through words and subsequent actions and behavior.

Your specifics of your situation may be very different or similar. We can address that by first identifying and understanding the worst to least of your pains. We can then begin repairing those starting with the very first session.

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