• Couples Therapy

  • There is a way if anyone in your family has insurance I accept your therapy can be free so affordable marriage counseling near you. It is the best marriage counseling near me(you)because it immediately shows you the insides of each partner so no more conflicts can exist. I teach you how to understand each other so after treatment you can be your own therapist or counselor and get to understand exactly what your partner is thinking, Meaning and feeling and how to come to an agreement and acceptance completely of each other even if you think differently from each other. I never heard of any other marriage therapy or counseling near you to be doing this. Remember for all mental health agencies (over 20) I have worked for it is a business that wants to keep you coming as long as possible delaying solutions and more interested in getting the money. I take full parental sort of responsibility to solve all problems instantly or asap. I have not seen in all my 36 years of experience any other marriage counseling in Queens, NY like this. Couples therapy in Queens or anywhere you come from is handled in the same instant solutions way. Most couples counseling in Queens and marriage counseling in Queens I have seen (over 20) let couples tell long irrelevant to an immediate solution generalization like “we have communication problems” and "he blows up and bumps heads with me a lot”. I am according to hundreds I have served by leaps and bounds the top marriage counselor near you. These are generalizations hiding the actual content of what you are saying and thinking about each other that are the heart of the problem you want to get rid of. I ask for these details of exactly what the problems are in the first session while all other marriage and couples counselors or therapists in Queens, NY I am told let people "vent” for many sessions getting nothing solves and many times never knowing what exactly the mate is saying or doing causing all the problems. Again I demand these ways we can have instant solutions in the first visit and hundreds of couples have come to me saying what was exactly happening was never asked for so guesses were made based on generalization married or unmarried couples told hundreds of therapists. I mostly do hundreds of marriage counseling or if you want to call it Couples therapy in Queens, NY.

    How much does your relationship mean to you? What would you do to save it? Joint therapy sessions for partners or married couples can resolve current issues, provide a check-up during a transition period or influx of stress, to prevent an exacerbation of issues, or solidify your relationship. The longer a destructive pattern has been set in, the more challenging it is to correct.

    Let me help you into an objective look at your relationship, facilitate conflict resolution, and improve the overall satisfaction of your relationship. I will guide you in establishing your goals or focus of treatment, planning the structure, and developing the necessary skills to communicate effectively between yourselves. I aim to provide a space for you and your partner to gain insight into current relationship dynamics and the role you play, expressions emotions more effectively, learn to speak your partner’s language, and improve the ways you interact with each other.