Anger Management Counseling and Therapy

Very often we get inquiries from Ozone Park, Queens and Brooklyn where parents have a challenge with anger management with their children. Some of these situations have included:

  • My 15 year old teenager is not obeying curfew
  • My 5 year old is hitting the teacher at school

In situations like these, I work with both the parent and the child. I help the parent realize what actions they are taking that may be sending the wrong enforcement message. For example, are you providing an extreme consequence that punishes the child for their unacceptable behavior? I help parents realize what an extreme consequence can be as each child is different. In some situations an extreme consequence can be that they have to be in time out for a few minutes. In other cases it can be a dire consequence like that they have to be in their room with no outside activity for a full day. Each situation is different and my approach is to identify the specific problem area and address it with specific solutions starting from the very first session.

In the situation with a 5 year old child who is hitting their teacher the specific solution could be slightly different. For instance, he may have felt that he was being picked upon on being belittled and therefore he hit the teacher. In that situation, he may need help to realize that we need this order to learn or play and if that order is broken there are consequences.

For parents, they need to realize that the consequence or punishment given has to be given consistently to change behavior. Further, it has to be a dire consequence in order to effectively change behavior.

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