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  • Harris Flug

    Unlike many therapists who let the client tell long stories of their problems while they are not getting help I ask what are the worst to least worst of all your pains and problems and go to work repairing these in first session. Many solutions will be presented in first session. 
    My specialties include include; anxiety, depression, drug/alcohol addiction, anger management therapy, DV, PTSD, and couples/family counseling. I give a very different picture of the world that can stop anger,depression (or at least some) PTSD, poor relationships immediately by focusing on many things the client(s) are not seeing.
    For example the person you are angry at may have no idea of what he is doing so you should not blame them. Most people expect people to be "sane" like them but this is unresonable. This realization can radically change perception of self and others and change the way you feel about everything.